Saturday, March 3, 2012

scouting univers

all weekend me my mom my brother and dad all went to hog ville and had scouting universe and secret agent is not what it seams it is not spying but it is detective and i was not ready for that i was ready to spy and they told us that secret agents do not spy well some of them do but not the type of class we had it was detective and some one pretended to steal some markers but we found her and be for we found her we had to list off some of the thongs that we saw on her and i made a list after we wrote down every thank i heard and saw on the dry erase board here is the list she had blond hair blue eyes she was skinny she was about five feet tall kind of tan white i-phone in back pocket tan leather jacket flouffy top (we made up flouffy) dark blue skinny pants and she had on a pink ring that was shaped like a butterfly she toke 72 colored markers or pencils.

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