Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Pest amass list for this year
School. chores. Getting the trampoline over here. Getting up early on Mondays. Being bored. Swimming in seaweed.

Optimists for this year
Tubing. Seeing dolphins. Riding in the boat. Having sleep overs. Spending time with my family. Getting the trampoline. Playing with my dog. Plying with my friends and family. Getting to baby sit. Getting to lizard sit.

What I put aside

I put aside chores and showers and cleaning my room and playing with my brother and bathes and jumping on the trampoline and washing dishes and that is all that I can think of right this minute

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Bobby sue and sue Bobby went to the mall and then they went to a thyme park and than the went to bed. then they had corn dogs and than they played trivia pursuit 80's and then the day was up and they went to bed. They got up at 12:00 and had pancakes and then after that they had lasagna and then they had a contest to see who could wheeee the most fire man jackets and then sue bobby beat him an they thru up and then they went to the hospital and died


Soap bubble

Along long time ago my friend was playing with soap and it fell in the water and she slashed around in the water for it. She did not find it tho and there where bubbles forming and they all went into a big bubble and she fell in it. It popped but then formed back and she was TRAPPED and she floated up out of the tub and floated all around the house and finally after a long day in the bubble it hit the edge of the coffee table that had a sharp end and it popped and she was so happy because she was starving and tired and she had almost ran out of air in it.


Bye Samantha Darr

Odd gift

This is a really cool god it must have spent a lot of money on it and I appreciate it and I will take good care of it

Thursday, December 13, 2012

When kidsitting

When I was baby sitting a nine and ten year old I think I was much more quiet then I thought I was going to be but the two times they argued I spook up and got them to stop but all of us where quiet pretty much the whole time and I am glad that they where better than I thought they where going to be


This photo bring memories because I was with my friends and I had fun with my friends and my mom was there with me and I felt safe and I would not be alone there because my mom was with me and I love all of them and they are my friends and they are nice ones also

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Little golden hooded

It is a really good and you will have o read it on you free time it is the story of little red riding hood but mixed up some and it is called little golden hood and it has the big bad wolf and all but the big bad wolfs name is friend wolf and granny is also in there

Talent show

The talent show was fun and when I went up there I did what I heard on the lions of little rock (it's a audio book) and I heard to imagine them in there under pants and I tried that I it went fine and It was also a little funny. What I did was I sang and danced to a song called shackles and Ryry did little drummer boy on his guitar

Dear Miya

Miya you are the funniest girl I know and you always make me fill better when I'm down and I try my best when your down. Well get better soon

Dear Santa

What i what got Christmas is a new phone case and I would prefer a pink survivor case or a new rubbery white case and cases that have patterns on the back and I would like books and Lego friends and Xbox games and wii games ad a pink Xbox remote and a pink wii remote but you do not need to get me all of this I one year

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Imaginary animal

My giradog is a big dog with dots and a long neck and long legs and it is brown with light brown spots all over it and it eats meat and leaves and it likes its long neck and legs so it can get the squirrels from the trees but it is not aloud to come in because it has the long neck and legs an we visit it every day at the zoo and it is right next to the giraffe so she has the big home also but that is the only home that she can come in

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I am bored to death with Sally Mac dally and her husband Walle Mac dally and they are singing in there dally language and it goes like this dally dally dally do dally dally dally do do dally do an you will copy that about ten million times and that's when you will do it again quiet and than after that you will do it loud and we are trapped in a supply closet and I am yelling at the top of my lungs for help and than that do I loud this time and they are also yelling at the top of there lungs an so know I got to find so duck tape but they are fresh out so I am know trapped with them