Thursday, March 14, 2013


But someone I ain't saying who has got a guilty face ashamed for lettin such a lovely brother go to wast so he went to the big been


I like to be 13 because I feel more responses able and I am older and it is awesome

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Electricity is very confusing

What I do when the power is out I play board games and read and play out side

Monday, March 11, 2013



You can't live with out a blanket because at night when you get cold you have nothing to warm you up


My mom is a buttiful smart woman and she loves me and I love her and although I get really really mad at her some times I still love her and with our her I would not be hear and I know how much me and Ryry mean to her and she has also kept me home and although she says she is going to do it she still hasn't and she hasn't said that for a while she you to say it all the time.


1. Pray to god every night
2. Read the bible
3. Respect my self and others
4. Do what mama says
5. Exercise
6. Do my chores
7. Do my school
8. Do not steal
9. Do not lie


The first time I went zip lining was a blast we had a first little test zip and then we rode in a big truck to a second one and I was the first from my troop to go and it was a blast but I stopped because I do not wight enuf to make it all the way and the we went about two feet over and did another little one to get back in that side of the river and then we had to walk a little ways and then we got back to the truck and rode back